We are passionate about connecting with the incredible Alaskan people and communities along our project's route.


With a team that includes life-long Alaskans, we know the uniqueness of operating in the Last Frontier and the challenges that must be overcome. In a region of the world that is rich in history and culture, we understand the importance of building meaningful relationships.

Respectively, we are taking a thorough and intentional path to hearing and learning from those, that like us, call Alaska home.

If you, or a community that you are a part of, would like to be involved in the process, please reach out to us!

We would love to hear your questions or ideas!

A2A Rail wants your participation in this important infrastructure project for the North.

Please send us a message if you have comments and queries about the A2A Rail project. Stay engaged in the development by signing up to receive project updates or notices of upcoming events.