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Alberta to Alaska Railway Development Corporation

Our Approach

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Our mission is to partner with Indigenous communities to design, build, and operate a modern railway that links Alaska and northern Canada to create a new gateway for transportation and economic growth, within and across our borders.



Our vision is to be an Indigenous-owned and operated railway that improves connectivity, stimulates economic development, and provides a reliable supply chain between North America and the world.

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Mission & Vision

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Alberta to Alaska Railway (A2A Rail) is a railway development company that will design, permit, build, and manage a railway from northern Alberta to Alaska tidewater. The route will allow transportation of commodities, people, and data both inland and around the globe, connecting North America to the world marketplace. [Read More...]

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Over the past century, significant research and development, in both technical and economic aspects, has gone into the consideration and feasibility of a U.S.-Canada rail connection in Alaska. The collaborative efforts of cross-border communities, individuals, government, and corporations has provided us with a sound foundation to help further develop this rail concept.

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Our Approach

A key pillar of A2A Rail’s model is a focus on engaging Indigenous Peoples, Tribes, and Native Corporations early in the process, and throughout all aspects of the project, on a true partnership basis. To do this, A2A Rail has integrated a collaborative consent methodology into its business model. [Read More…]

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The VHI Study’s findings are the origin of A2A Rail.  A2A Rail is using the VHI study as intended – as a foundational document informing our ongoing work to develop this project.

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2013 - 2016

The Van Horne Institute (VHI) Study was commissioned by the Government of Alberta to assess the viability of a railway as an alternative to pipelines. The study, released in 2016 as a public document, demonstrated the clear viability of a railway project and validated the concept.

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The State of Alaska provided $4.7 million to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to initiate preconstruction activities in support of the necessary environmental analysis and to develop data supporting railroad feasibility studies. This included estimates of rail freight revenues from other mineral and energy resources in Alaska, the Yukon Territory, and northwestern British Columbia.

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2000 - 2006

The State of Alaska and a U.S.-Canada Commission provided approximately $6 million in support and funding towards a study that focused on the primary purpose of the Alaska Canada Rail Link Project – a rail connection through Alaska, the Yukon Territory, and Northern British Columbia, linking North Pacific Rim markets to a U.S. port.


The Final Preliminary Feasibility Study, released in November 2006, showed that the project would generate economic benefits that exceed the total costs of its construction, operation, and maintenance.

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