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The Concept

Alberta to Alaska Railway (A2A Rail) is a railway development company that will design, permit, build, and manage a railway from northern Alberta to Alaska tidewater. The route will allow transportation of commodities, people, and data both inland and around the globe, connecting North America to the world marketplace.


A2A Rail was formed in 2015 to create a powerhouse of knowledge in infrastructure financing, international banking, railway operations, and construction to execute on this project in a timely fashion and to be a long-term partner in the region.


Our Approach

A2A has built the methodology of collaborative consent into its business model. Collaborative consent is characterized by multiple points of mutual consent and collaboration within the business model and regulatory process.  Collaborative consent establishes a solid foundation for collectively developing a real partnership. With a focus on governance that shifts how decisions are made, collaborative consent is an approach that A2A Rail as a partner is facilitating to ensure that Indigenous groups and founding partners can commit to working together - in a meaningful way – over the long term. Each party retains its asserted authority and has the end goal of achieving mutual consent through collaboration on key decisions, policies, and plans for development.


A2A Rail is working with Indigenous Peoples, Tribes, and Native Corporations on a whole range of issues related to the Project, including route selection options, business modeling, operations, contracting, and safety.







Our mission is to partner with Indigenous communities to design, build, and operate a modern railway that links Alaska and northern Canada to create a new gateway for transportation and economic growth, within and across our borders.



Our vision is to be an Indigenous-owned and operated railway that improves connectivity, stimulates economic development, and provides a reliable supply chain between North America and the world.



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About Us

Email the project team at info@a2arail.com.

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